5 Steps to Prepare Before a Plumber Service Visit

5 Steps to Prepare Before a Plumber Service Visit

You probably didn’t schedule months in advance for a plumbing to come knocking on your door. Most plumbing problems are unexpected emergencies that leave you scrambling. Thankfully, many plumbing professionals are now offering emergency services to get things back in working order. To help them make the repairs much faster, there are a few steps you can take to prepare for their service visit. 


You already should have called them up and given them the run down. Now, you have an ETA. It’s time to ready the space correctly to save time and give the plumber the room they need to work efficiently. 


Here are 5 steps to welcoming a plumber into your home:


1. Find the Main Shut Off Valve

This is one thing that the professional plumber will personally ask of you when calling. “Have you turned off the water?” or “Do you know where the shut off valve is located?” It is pertinent information, and you cannot overlook that. Sometimes, depending on the severity of the plumbing problem, you may have to locate the main shut off valve and turn off the water for your entire home. 


The main line is connected to the city water line and is necessary for keeping pressure under control. In the event that your pipes spring a leak, the main line valve will be unable to function properly—and that results in a wet mess. 


Before the plumber arrives, locate your main shut off valve. They may ask to be shown its location. If you have trouble finding it, they can help you find it, but that adds time to their service. 


Expect your plumber to also ask you to turn the valve on and off. If the valves are not turned at least twice a year, they may seize. 


2. Clean Up the Space

Where is the plumbing emergency located? Is there enough space for the plumber to set down their tools and get into the space? If not, you should get to work immediately and remove any obstacles. Make sure the work space is free of any objects that could break or injure the professional. For instance, if the leak is happening under the kitchen counter, then you should remove any bottles, chemicals, garbage bins, and other objects out of the space. If the leak is in the basement, or you only found a section of water damage, you should move boxes, furniture, and other things out of the way so the plumber can investigate. 


3. Clean Out the Toilet

A clean toilet is always going to be appreciated. Many homeowners encounter issues with their toilet over the years, so it is understandable if the toilet is not entirely pristine. However, if you can clean up the area, mop up some of the water, and get rid of any unpleasant sights, the plumber will be very happy. 


Similarly, whether the shower or bathtub is overflowing, or a pipe in the basement has burst, try to make sure those things are clean. Try to wipe down the work space and make it as sanitary as possible. 


4. Remove Ice and Snow in the Winter

If your plumbing emergency takes place during the colder months, you have one extra step to preparations. Many homeowners encounter frozen or burst pipes in the winter, which is unfortunate for everyone involved. Ice and snow are particularly dangerous when your plumber is hauling tools into your home and back outside to the truck. 


Clear ice and snow from the walkways to ensure they do not slip. If the entrance to your driveway is covered in snow, please shovel away the snow so that they can safely enter your property. 


And for all times of the year: Make sure the driveway and walkway is clear of children’s toys, bikes, gardening supplies, and furniture. A clear path to your home is the best path.


5. Do Not Allow Children and Pets into the Work Area

Although most plumbers are going to be happy to see a wagging tail when they arrive, pets and children can inadvertently get in the way. Be sure to corral children and pets before the plumber arrives and keep them occupied during the service. Depending on the severity of the plumbing emergency, it may be best to have your kids and furry children go for a short visit to grandma’s or out for an adventure with your partner. 


Other Tips To Make the Plumbing Service a Breeze

During the service, you are more than welcome to ask questions. A professional should be responsive and happy to answer your queries. Also, do not be afraid to share as much information as possible. The more details your plumber has to work with, the quicker they can come a conclusion about the issue or provide more comprehensive services. 


After the plumber has wrapped up the service, they will probably tell you about what happened and give you some tips on how to prevent such an ordeal for occurring in the future. Write down that information, especially if you are prone to forgetting. 

Also, you should keep an eye on the repaired pipes or appliances for the next few weeks. Monitor how much water is being used or check if the water bill cost has gone up or down. If the job was done right, you should not notice any spikes in water usage. 


Final Thoughts

Plumbing repairs can be unexpected and stressful, but that does not mean it has to appear like you are unprepared. By getting your home ready for the professional plumber, you are ensuring that everything will run smoothly. If the plumber can get to work immediately, the repairs will be completed sooner, and you have to worry less about more extensive water damage. 

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