7 Signs You Need a Backwater Valve Installation

7 Signs You Need a Backwater Valve Installation

Have you ever found leaks in your home? Have you ever dealt with a flooded basement? If you have, I can assure you that it’s Toronto’s sewer system flooding over.

Over the years, Toronto has faced severe weather conditions. There have been up to $80 million worth of property damages due to rainfall and storms. A backwater valve installation is the best solution.

You may be wondering why you need a backwater valve. This is a very useful contraption that closes off any sewer water from coming back into your home. The backwater valve blocks the sewage of the city from invading your basement.

The best safety measure you could take for your family and home is to install a backwater valve as soon as possible.

Here are some signs you need a backwater valve installation.

1. You Have a Basement

If you have a floor under street level, you’re bound to deal with flooding. Whenever there are heavy rainfall, the city sewer system floods, pushing back sewage into your home’s sewer system.

Many older homes with basements don’t have a backwater valve installed. Not only are these basements prone to flooding, but they are prone to sewage.

A basement flooding has serious complications. The moisture of the sewage can seep into your walls and break down the structure of your home.

There is also a health concern with the countless number of bacteria, mold, and fungus found in the sewer water. These can negatively impact your respiratory health.

You should install a backwater valve for the safety of your home and your health.

2. It Rains in Your Area

Have you ever been through a rainstorm, or dealt with melting snow?

With the effects of global warming, the weather in Toronto has become harsher over the years.

Many environmental factors can ruin your property and your home’s water supply. Heavy rainfall, snowfall, and melting snow can cause flooding of your drains.

Water damage due to weather is the leading cause of an increase in property maintenance costs.

Since climate change is worsening every year, you should be prepared for the worst weather conditions.

3. You Have Cracks in Your Walls

A lot of older houses wear down over the years.

If your home has gaps or cracks in the walls, these shouldn’t be ignored.

Gaps and cracks are indicators of poor structure and can cause irreparable damages to your home when it rains. Any signs of moisture in your basement can penetrate your walls and cause mildew and mold growth.

It’s best to install a backwater valve to prevent any moisture from accumulating in your basement. If your house has cracks and spots, take precautions to protect them from degradation.

4. Your Neighbors Have Backwater Valves

Assume that your neighbors have backwater valves installed under their homes.

If your neighbors are protecting their homes from excess sewer water, where is all of that water going? It’s going straight to your house.

Like your neighbors, you should be taking precautions as a homeowner in Toronto.

A backwater valve installation is the only way you can prevent your neighbors’ sewage and the city’s sewage, from damaging your home every time it rains.

5. Flood Damages Are Expensive

Although much of your home’s water damage is from the city’s sewer, most of it isn’t covered by Toronto.

Even most home insurance companies don’t take care of water damage costs.

This means that whenever the city sewage comes back into your drain, you’ll have to pay for the repairs out of your pocket.

The only way to avoid spending thousands of dollars on rebuilding your basement is to invest in a backwater valve installation.

6. The City Covers Your Backwater Valve Installation Price

Yup, you read that correctly. The city of Toronto provides ample funding for your home’s backwater valve installation.

Why would you risk the integrity of your home and health, when the city has you covered?

The city of Toronto recently developed a basement flooding protection subsidy program that provides up to $3,400 per property. This covers the installation flood protection gear, including a backwater valve, sump pump, pipe severance, and pipe capping.

The city’s subsidy program covers up to 80% of the invoice, reaching a maximum of $1,250 for the backwater valve installation. The backwater valve installation price is very low when you use a Toronto plumber who is licensed with the city.

7. Anta Plumbing Has Backwater Valve Installation

Are you ready to install a Backwater valve? Do you need help on how to start?

Luckily, here at Anta Plumbing Company, we offer the best backwater valve installation.

You can’t install a backwater valve on your own. For coverage from the city’s subsidy plan, you need a licensed plumbing company to help you with your backwater valve installation.

We have certified professionals who can ensure your home’s protection from harsh weather. Anta Plumbing provides a competitive backwater valve installation price, a permit for the installation, and guidance with the city’s basement flooding protection subsidy program.

If you’re located in Vaughan, there are different requirements for subsidy eligibility. Make sure you hire a Toronto licensed plumber to install your backwater valve.

Get Started Today

Now that you know the consequences of basement flooding, you should start on your plan to install a backwater valve.

If you found any of these signs in your home and you live in Ontario, connect with our team today!

Anta Plumbing Company is a City of Toronto Licenses Plumbing Company with the best deals on backwater valve installation, sump pump installation, and other plumbing services.

We have locations in Ajax, King City, Toronto, Milton, Hamilton, Oakville, and all throughout Ontario.

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