Don’t Let The Cold Weather Cause A Plumbing Disaster

Don’t Let The Cold Weather Cause A Plumbing Disaster


This week has brought our first taste of that cold, winter weather and it looks as if the cold temperatures are here to stay for a little while. Add in a small layer of snow on the ground and it will make the air even colder letting those temps to continue to dip below freezing- now that’s cold!

Last year we saw an abundance of frozen pipes, and while we’re here to fix any plumbing issue we wanted to provide you with some tips for our first major cold front.

  1. Make sure you insulate your pipes located in areas such as your garage, crawl space, attic, and any other areas that aren’t heated.
  2. Seal up any air leaks that are near outdoor pipes. If these air leaks aren’t sealed correctly, the cold air could get inside and freeze your pipes.
  3. Put your garden hose(s) away and shut off your outdoor water supply. Follow these instructions to properly do this.
  4. If you’re planning to head out of town, do not set your thermostat below 55 degrees.
  5. Lastly and most importantly, make sure you and everybody in your home knows where the main shutoff valve is. If a pipe does burst, your first to-do should be to shut off the water to your house to prevent further damage!

We know accidents can happen, so if you end up having a frozen pipe follow some of these simple tips.

The snow and cold weather doesn’t stop our technicians from servicing our customers in need, so give us a call today or schedule your service online if you need us. We’re here for you 7 Days a Week and remember… there’s never an extra charge for weekend, evening, or holiday service!

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