Improving Comfort While Lowering Energy Costs for Your AC System

Improving Comfort While Lowering Energy Costs for Your AC System

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Running an air conditioner can dramatically increase your electric bill but, for many people, it’s a necessary cost for escaping the Texas heat. While you may not have much of a choice if you want to stay comfortable, you can lower your electric bill using these methods to improve your air conditioner’s efficiency.

Make Sure Your Home Is Properly Sealed and Insulated

If your house isn’t properly sealed or insulated, your air conditioner will have to work overtime to make up for the constant loss of cold air. Air conditioners work best in well-sealed and well-insulated homes since they don’t have to work as hard to produce cold air.

Poor sealing and insulation are most common in older homes (at least 10-20 years old). If you live an older home, check both your insulation and the seals around your windows and doors. In some cases, replacing old seals pays for itself after a short amount of time.

Only Run the AC While You’re at Home

There’s little use in running your air conditioner if nobody’s home to enjoy it!

Turning off your air conditioner before leaving the house can dramatically reduce your electricity bills, especially if you would normally run the AC during the day. If you’re worried about coming home to a hothouse, consider air conditioners with timers or keep your house well-shaded while you’re away.

Also, consider turning off your air conditioner at night. You likely won’t notice the difference while sleeping, and you may be able to enjoy the same cool air through open windows and cross-breezes.

Keep the Sun Off by Increasing Shade

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Before modern air conditioning, people kept their houses cool by using curtains to block the daytime sun. The resulting shade would help trap cold air from the night prior, keeping the home’s interior cool and comfortable.

Today, shading remains an effective tool for not only fighting the daytime heat but also for lowering your electricity bill. By keeping your home interior naturally cool, your air conditioner won’t need as much electricity to maintain comfortable temperatures.

Shading is especially useful if you turn off your air conditioner during the day, as you won’t need to wait as long to enjoy a comfortable temperature after returning home.

Check Your Vents

Blocked air conditioner vents can not only prevent conditioned air from entering the room but may also be a sign of underlying problems. Air conditioner vents often become blocked through debris or, more commonly, frozen evaporator coils.

As air conditioners only measure the temperature inside the room, those with blocked air vents will keep trying to produce cold air with no results. As a result, the air conditioner will continuously work overtime in a desperate attempt to cool the room, consuming massive amounts of electricity in the process. Imagine if you left your air conditioner operating this way throughout the day!

Repair or Replace Old AC Units

Air conditioners can only last so long before they break down or need repairs. With regular air conditioning repair and maintenance, however, your air conditioner can cool your home efficiently for years to come.

Even so, efficiency often declines over time, raising your electric bill in the process. For a complete evaluation and to find out if it’s time for air conditioning replacement or repairs, call our air conditioning contractor team at 281-994-6698.

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