Kohler Elliston Toilet Review: Is This the Best Throne for You?

Kohler Elliston Toilet Review: Is This the Best Throne for You?

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No bathroom is complete without a quality Kohler Elliston toilet. If you require an easy to clean, reliable throne, then the Kohler brand offers unparalleled value and design to create the perfect bathroom. And with a sleek contemporary feel, the Kohler Elliston toilet may suit various interior schemes without looking out of place.

From high-quality residential toilets to functional, reliable commercial units, Kohler provides toilets for every occasion. The quality of the ceramics and the exceptional eye for detail ensure that the Kohler Elliston toilet stands the test of time. Not only that, but the unit comes packed with beneficial features to make installation and cleaning a breeze.

The Kohler Elliston Toilet

The Kohler brand has a reputation for designing high-quality toilets packed with user-friendly features at excellent prices. We live in uncertain times, and when we spend on home improvements, we need to feel confident that the investment offers a long-term solution together with good value. Installing a Kohler Elliston toilet provides long-lasting quality and excellent value.

Kohler has numerous models of thrones, from a dual flush toilet, one-piece designs, and elongated bowls. If you find yourself working with a tight budget, you don’t have to sacrifice the luxury of a powerful flushing system or water-saving features.

The Kohler Ellison comfort height toilet is a two-piece elongated unit. The toilet offers water-saving features with a 1.28-gallon flush and a comfortable, quiet-close seat.

Additionally, as part of Kohler’s innovative comfort height range, the toilet sits at chair height, making it incredibly easy to use.

It’s All About the Base

As we sit comfortably on our throne, few of us may consider what material we sit on. Kohler uses various high-quality materials to build each toilet, including vitreous china, china, ceramic, and porcelain.

The robust nature of the materials creates a toilet that is easy to clean and stands the test of time. For residential and commercial purposes, the materials’ tough qualities remain an essential factor for the longevity of the toilet’s appearance and use.

Style personified

The Kohler Elliston toilet combines classical architectural design elements with bold contemporary aesthetics. Consequently, the toilet may work well in a variety of bathroom interiors.

The base is made from vitreous china, which is a glazing technique applied over a porcelain base. The glass-based enamel produces a material that remains tougher, denser, and shinier than many alternatives, making it the perfect choice for the Kohler Elliston toilet.

How to care for your vitreous china toilet

Kohler recommends using a soft cloth to wipe the toilet after each use to keep it in prime condition. Products such as Cif Power & Shine may be the ideal solution to cleaning the toilet’s surface.

Two-piece construction

One of the best features of the Kohler Elliston toilet is the two-piece design, meaning that the tank and the bowl remain separate.

The bowl is an elongated design, which means more space on which to sit. Consequently, the thoughtful design of the toilet provides the user with a comfortable experience.

The advantage of a two-piece toilet

A two-piece toilet proves easier to repair because you may replace just the tank or the base as required. Plus, a two-piece toilet may prove easier to fit because it doesn’t weigh as much as a single piece unit.

The disadvantages of a two-piece toilet

A two-piece toilet tends to take up more room than a single unit. And because you have to fit two separate parts, some users may find it challenging to fit. Additionally, the two-part construction means more joins, which may take longer to clean.

Comfortable to use

Kohler cleverly designs their comfort fit toilets to correspond to the height of an average chair. That helps users with lower back problems stand up and sit down easily when using the toilet.

Size matters

By nature, a two-piece toilet is larger than a single unit.

The Kohler Elliston toilet measures 30 x 16.75 x 30.5 inches, which makes it a considerable unit. However, the smart design of the toilet negates the size as it is gorgeous to look at.

Also, the toilet weighs in at 107 pounds.

If size is a limiting factor for your bathroom, ensure you measure the space accurately before purchasing your unit.


There are no essential differences between the performance of a two-piece toilet when compared to a single. Both types of toilets offer similar features with water-saving properties and efficient flushing systems.

The difference boils down to the height and comfort of the units. The toilet is for comfort, and if that remains a priority, then the Kohler Elliston toilet is the perfect choice.

Water-Saving Innovation

In a world where we remain mindful of our environment, technology continues to push forward for the planet’s benefit, especially with water-saving innovations. Water is a precious commodity, and by using water-saving fixtures in our bathrooms, we may help protect the planet.

The law

Flushing a toilet always felt so wasteful, and before 1992, the average toilet flushed away at least 3.5 gallons with every use. However, in 1992, the federal government passed a new standard for toilet manufacturers with the sole purpose of conserving water usage.

The standard means that no toilet may use more than 1.6 gallons of water per flush. Consequently, flushing a modern toilet saves money for the consumer and conserves water.

A Kohler Elliston toilet will save you money with every flush because each design contains water-saving features.

Water consumption

The Kohler Elliston toilet uses 1.28 gallons of water with each flush, which makes it incredibly efficient. So, you may find that you will save money on your water bill when installing this particular toilet model.

However, even though the unit uses less water, it doesn’t compromise the toilet’s flushing capabilities. Innovative technology installed in the flushing unit ensures a clean, thorough flush every time.

Flush Away Your Woes

Kohler has a reputation for employing exceptional technology in their toilets, and the Kohler Elliston toilet is no exception, despite the reasonable price tag.

The powerful flushing system generates a flush that clears all the bowl contents with a single water flush. Additionally, the toilet has a polished chrome lever on the left-hand side for convenient flushing.

Class Five technology

Kohler’s registered Class Five technology generates a strong flush. Single-flush gravity uses the force of gravity and a precision-engineered tank, bowl, and trap-way to create a powerful siphon during flushing.

An AquaPiston canister allows water to flow out of the tank from all sides to increase each flush’s effectiveness.

The durable canister design has 90 percent less exposed seal material than a standard 3-inch flapper to provide leak-free performance. Furthermore, the light-touch canister flush uses a lower actuation force than a flapper for efficient operation.


A one-piece toilet may be a challenge to fit due to the unit’s weight, especially in smaller spaces. However, a two-piece toilet could be easier to fit due to the tank’s separate nature and base. The individual parts feel more comfortable to handle and maneuver into position.

Installing the Kohler Elliston toilet

The manufacturer describes the toilet as a standard 12-inch rough-in with a 2-bolt installation. However, the one downside to this derives from the toilet supply line, which you must buy separately.

Anyone with a basic knowledge of DIY may tackle the toilet’s installation, though you may need additional help to maneuver the toilet into position. Despite the two-part construction, each element is heavy, and you don’t want to risk damaging them when you install the toilet.

The toilet comes with detailed, comprehensive instructions for installation.

Weighing up the Toilet

The Kohler Elliston toilet has a lot going for it, but we need to understand the toilet’s pros and cons to present a balanced review.

The pros

Most users report that the toilet remains easy to install without the need to hire expensive professionals. So, that is a significant advantage when working with a tight budget.

The height of the toilet makes it incredibly easy to use. Anyone suffering from back issues may find the unit comfortable to sit on and easy to stand up from.

The toilet features an elongated base, which gives you additional comfort and space. The feature further enhances the comfort fit nature of the model.

A WaterSense certificate proves the efficiency of water consumption. The low water usage should save you money over time and help protect the environment.

The Class Five technology in the flushing system ensures a clean bowl with every flush. The strong siphon clears the toilet quickly and efficiently.

Plus, vitreous china is easy to clean and gives the toilet a tough, durable finish. Not only that, the attractive chrome handle is conveniently on the left-hand side.

The cons

You must purchase the toilet supply line separately before you install the toilet.

Two-part toilets may feel awkward to fit for some users, and you may wish to employ a professional.

Some users found that the fill valve jammed occasionally and needed repair.

The nature of the two-part construction may make cleaning a bit of an issue because of the joins where the cistern meets the base.

Finally, you cannot choose which side to have the flush handle, limiting the toilet’s positioning.

The Final Flush

The Kohler Elliston toilet provides everything a family requires from a toilet. The elegant, clean lines of the design mean the fixture may suit various bathroom interiors and add a sense of style to your décor.

This particular toilet is a two-piece unit, and most users report that the toilet is easy to install despite the need to buy a separate supply line. Plus, the height of the toilet provides the user with a comfortable experience. The toilet is easy to sit on and easy to get off.

Also, the elongated seat adds additional comfort. So, the toilet proves ideal for elderly household members and those experiencing back problems, in particular.

The efficient flushing system uses very little water, which may save you money in the long run. But despite the low water consumption, the flushing capabilities of the toilet remain uncompromised. With strong rinsing power, the flush leaves the bowl clean and clear after every flush.

Money-Saving Innovation

Kohler remains a brand providing excellence and innovation in its comprehensive range of bathroom fittings. An eye for detail and a love of technology shine through their products to bring a strong design ethos to our homes, reflecting the need to protect the environment.

In this time of uncertainty, we know all too well the importance of spending money wisely. Therefore, the Kohler Elliston toilet represents excellent value for money while giving the user a superb and comfortable experience.

With just enough unique features to make the toilet special and keep the price low, the Kohler Elliston toilet represents an excellent addition to any home.

Do you have any experience fitting Kohler toilets? Why not share your experience with us by commenting in the box below?

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