Plumbing Accessories Needed in Every Home

Plumbing Accessories Needed in Every Home

plumbing-itemsWhat do we mean when we talk about plumbing accessories? We mean various components and appliances that make the modern household plumbing system as effective, safe, and water-conserving as possible. Not all homes have these accessories, but we strongly recommend them for most homes.

Your house may have only a few of these, and you may not be sure if some are in place already. If you have doubts, call our plumbing professionals to schedule an appointment. We can help you make the best of your household plumbing in Glendale, AZ.

Automatic Shut-Off Valve

Also known as an emergency shut-off valve, this is a precaution installed onto the water main into the house. If it registers that flooding is occurring in the house, either through floor sensors that detect water or a pressure sensor that tells when water pressure drops abruptly, the valve will immediately close and stop the flow of water into the house. This can save your house from serious damage in case a plumbing accident occurs when you are away from home.

Water Filtration System

People are more concerned than ever about potentially harmful contaminants getting in their home’s water. Purchasing water filtration pitchers is only a minor fix, bottled water is too expensive and creates more build-up in landfills, and point-of-use filters won’t do much for the rest of the house. A professionally installed whole-house water filtration system will take care of harmful pollutants all around the plumbing system. Let our experts find the right filters and purifiers for your needs.

Garbage Disposal

If you live in a vintage home, you may not have a garbage disposal in the kitchen sink. We advise you have one put in. Not only are these disposals more convenient than scraping food waste into a composting bucket, they also keep your drains healthier and keep food waste from going into landfills. We can make the changes necessary to your sink to allow for garbage disposal installation.

Sump Pump

An automatic shut-off valve is excellent to prevent flooding because of a busted pipe. But what about other types of home flooding? To help with other water buildup, we recommend you have a sump pump installed in the lowest spot in your home, such as the crawlspace. This pump activates when water starts to collect in a pit (the sump) and removes the excess water out of the house to prevent water damage.

Backflow Preventer

Not all homes need to have this device, but you should ask your plumber if it’s necessary. Backflow preventers are designed to stop wastewater from flowing the wrong direction into the freshwater lines at cross-connection. Your house may have cross-connections in the sprinkler system or irrigation system, and in this situation, it’s vital to have a backflow preventer to stop contamination to the freshwater system in case of a loss of water pressure.

As we mentioned above, not all homes need these accessories and some already have them. You can speak to our plumbers to find out the exact requirements for your home plumbing system.

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