Signs Your Commercial Water Heater Needs Repairs

Signs Your Commercial Water Heater Needs Repairs

commercial-water-heaterIf your commercial property has a water heater, then your business depends on it running smoothly every day. You can’t have a faulty water heater or risk ignoring one that is giving off signs it needs to have repairs done. You put too much at risk if you allow the water heater to keep running when it needs to have attention from experts in commercial plumbing in Avondale, AZ.

You don’t want the first sign you notice of a water heater going bad to be when it shuts off and you don’t have any hot water in your commercial facility or building. Below we’ve listed some of the signs to watch for that it’s time to call our commercial water heater pros for repairs.


We recommend you make an occasional visual check on the water heater so you can notice visual signs of trouble, such as leaks. If you see water puddling around the water heater floor, don’t wait—call for repairs right away. The water heater may be cracking or there are loose connections.

Odd rumbling sounds

Don’t panic that your water heater is about to explode. This is extremely uncommon. But the sound of rumbling from the tank is still a cautionary sign. What’s mostly likely occurring is that sediment is building up along the bottom of the tank. This sediment can form into a hard layer of scale. This will make it more difficult for the heat exchanger to transfer heat into the tank; the sound you hear is a layer of heated water bubbling up through the scale. This will significantly reduce the effectiveness of the system. To repair this, you’ll need our pros to flush out the tank and clean it. 

Rusty discoloration from taps

If anyone in the facility alerts you to a reddish-brown discoloration in the hot water, one that doesn’t go away after a few minutes, it indicates a serious problem with the water heater. Unfortunately, this is often a sign that a water heater tank has rusted through, in which case you won’t need to repair the system. You’ll need to replace it.

Low hot water volume or temperature

Is the hot water in your building simply not getting hot enough? If this is limited to a single tap, it’s likely a mixing valve problem a plumber can solve easily. But if it is occurring throughout the facility, something is wrong with the water heater. Also watch for a drop in hot water volume: the hot water used for regular tasks is running out earlier than it usually does.

High energy costs

The water heater uses an immense amount of power, probably the most of any heating system in your facility. If it is malfunctioning, it will draw on more power to run, and you’ll see this reflected in your energy bills. When you see a spike in heating costs that you can’t explain, you may need to have our professionals look at your water heater.

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