What Does a “Dripping” Sound Mean?

What Does a “Dripping” Sound Mean?

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If you’ve been searching online for help with your air conditioning in Verona, NJ because you just heard a dripping noise, then your search is over! We’re experts in this industry, and we’re going to talk about what this sound could mean in addition to some sounds that prove a different problem is happening.

First, we just want to say that you’ve done an excellent job of being vigilant with your air conditioning system. Sounds are some of the best ways to figure out if your air conditioner is running into problems and needs repairs. A dripping noise might sound more normal than other noises, like bubbling and hissing, but it could still be a sign that some work needs to be done on your AC depending on when it was last maintained.

Let’s get into it. For more information about your particular AC setup or situation, feel free to call our team.

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Where Does the Dripping Come From?

When your air conditioner makes a dripping noise, it can be easily explained. You see, the humidity in the air immediately condenses when it’s cooled from the AC unit. That condensation then forms along the coils of the AC system and drips down into a pan which collects the moisture to eventually deposit it in a drain. Depending on how much humidity there is, like on a very muggy day, you’re going to hear more dripping since more humidity in the atmosphere is being siphoned out of the air and condensing.

The good news is that this dripping sound is completely normal and something that you shouldn’t be worried about. The bad news is that it can become a problem over time, and there’s one more sign we’d like to talk about that signals this!

Can This Be a Problem?

Dripping condensate can be a problem for air conditioners, but only if the condensate drain gets clogged. If you’ve been hearing a lot of dripping coming from the AC, then you shouldn’t necessarily be worried, but there are two signs that could be problems if you detect these as well.

  1. If your AC hasn’t been maintained in a while, you’re more likely to have dirty coils and a clogged condensate drain.
  2. If you smell a “dirty sock” smell coming from your air conditioner, this is a clear sign that the condensate drain is clogged and the moisture is allowing for mold to grow inside the system.

Do yourself a favor and schedule routine maintenance for your system, as well as get the condensate drain cleared if you smell any foul odors coming from the vents or unit itself.

Refrigerant Leaks Don’t “Drip”

We know some homeowners might be curious that this “dripping” noise is the sound of refrigerant leaking, but we’d like to halt the rumors by simply saying no. Refrigerant is a gas when it’s in our atmosphere and standard pressure, meaning it leaks from refrigerant lines by “hissing” like a normal gas would. Sometimes leaking refrigerant can make a “bubbling” noise as well, but that’s actually the sound of air bubbles entering the liquid refrigerant line, not the refrigerant dripping out.

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