What is a Main Sewer Line?

What is a Main Sewer Line?

You hear about it all the time, but do you actually know what a main sewer line is — or how important it is to your home?

We have all of the information regarding main sewer lines right here for you to read at your convenience. Once you have a little more knowledge of main sewer lines, you’ll be better prepared if (and when) a problem rears its ugly head.

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What is the Main Sewer Line?

The main sewer line is exactly what you think it is. It’s the plumbing line that channels all of the waste from toilets, tubs, and sinks out of your home, toward the main sewer under the street in front of your home.

Can the Main Sewer Line Become Clogged?

Chances are you’re on this page because you’re dealing with a clogged main sewer line as we speak. So the answer is an an obvious — yes.

You’ll know when this line becomes clogged when multiple plumbing fixtures experience frequent clogs and there is a noticeable sewer smell emanating from those fixtures.

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What is a Sewer Main Clean-Out?

A home’s main sewer line is located underground as it travels from your home to the city’s street. However, there are some homes that have a sewer clean-out.

What’s that?

A sewer clean-out is a small portion of the sewer line that can be accessed by unscrewing the cap. When the sewer line becomes clogged, it’s infinitely easier to clear the blockage via the clean-out.

Homes without this unsung hero will provide a tougher challenge for your local plumber and can be more expensive for the homeowner. Avoid having a difficult time clearing your clogged sewer line by having a clean-out installed now — before a clog does develop.

Who is Responsible for the Main Sewer Line?

Most homes’ main sewer lines are connected to the city sewer system beneath the street in front of their home. So if it’s part of the city’s system, doesn’t that mean the city should pay for any repairs or sewer line replacement?

Not always.

Even though the sewer line is connected to a city sewer system, the homeowner is responsible for their sewer line. Therefore, you should always have your plumber stored in your phone’s contacts in case a blockage does occur.

(There are times when a blockage can occur at the junction of the sewer line and the sewer system — if this is the case, the city could be held responsible.)

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