Why Whole-House Water Treatment Is Much Better Than Bottled Water

Why Whole-House Water Treatment Is Much Better Than Bottled Water

boy-drinks-waterHave you considered having water filtration installed for your house? Probably, since you’re reading this. People are searching for healthier water quality today because of the concern about pollutants entering the municipal water supply. Although water goes through treatment plants to remove harmful chemicals, bacteria, and heavy metals, many of those same impurities can enter the pipes carrying the water to homes and businesses. Aging pipes can also send pollutants into the water supply.

Concern about water quality often drives people to purchase bottled water as a solution. If you’re thinking about the installation of water filtration systems in Glendale, AZ for your home, you already have suspicions that bottled water isn’t the best, cost-effective choice.

And you are right.

Bottled Water Isn’t What People Think It Is

Here’s something we need to explain at the top: bottled water is rarely better quality than municipal water, and sometimes is worse.

Companies selling bottled water want you to believe you’re drinking something that purified and fresher than fresh. “Pure spring water!” But most bottled water is coming straight from the municipal supply and receiving nothing more than basic filtration—if that. Because the water is shipped across state lines, it isn’t subject to basic municipal requirements and can be approved for sale even if it’s lower quality.

Then factor in how much bottled water costs, and you’ll start to see the serious problem. Bottled water costs $11.8 billion total in the US each year, and the average consumption per consumer can add up to $250 per year, and that’s the low estimate.

Bottled water is also terrible for the environment. Plastic manufacturing has a major impact, and even worse is the amount of plastic that ends up in landfills. Only around 20% of water bottles are recycled, and the rest total up to about 2 billion tons of garbage put into the landfills.

Whole-House Water Filtration Is Superior in Every Way

When you arrange with one of our water quality experts to put a whole-house filtration system onto your water main, you’ll have cost-effective, high quality water with minimal effect on the environment—and you’ll have it all the time, at every tap. You can talk to our professionals to find out what you’ll end up paying per year with a filtration system compared to using bottled water. You could pay less than $100 a year for water for the entire family. Compare this to bottled water: a family of four can spend $1,000 in a year on bottled water.

Water filtration systems are also better at the job of purifying and conditioning water—plain and simple. These systems can be specially targeted toward the impurities entering your home so you end up removing what actually needs to be removed. Another huge benefit is what better-quality water does for your plumbing system. It’s not just about superior health for the people in your home, but superior conditions for the plumbing.

We’re ready to help you out today with better water and better savings!

The Trusted Plumber is your top choice for quality plumbing service in Glendale, AZ. Call to find out more about our water treatment services.

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