Find Out Where Your Home’s Water Main Shut-Off Is!

Find Out Where Your Home’s Water Main Shut-Off Is!

flooded-homeLiving in Arizona means we don’t have to deal with one of the biggest winter plumbing concerns: frozen pipes and burst pipes. But that doesn’t mean we get to escape all plumbing problems. Our homes can still experience flooding from busted plumbing and various other mishaps. There are three defenses you have against these flooding disasters:

  • Preventive plumbing service to ensure the pipes and appliances are in good shape
  • Knowing what to do in the event of flooding to stop damage ASAP
  • Installing an automatic shut-off valve

We’ve often talked about the importance of the first. Today we’ll address the second, and that means knowing where the water main shut-off valve is. Once you know how to stop water from continuing to flood into your home, you can call for emergency plumbing in Glendale, AZ from our plumbers.

Locating the Shut-Off Valve

When water starts to spill from a broken pipe, do you know where to run to shut off the water? If you don’t, we’re going to help you.

The shut-off valve for the plumbing in your house is usually found on one side or the other of the water meter. In cold climates, the water meter is inside the house. Here in Arizona, it will either be on the outside of the house near a faucet or under a lid near the edge of the property, commonly where the property meets the sidewalk or the street.

The shut off valve will either be located on the residential side of the meter or the city side. If it’s on the residential side—the more common place to find it—it will have a simple yellow valve lever you can turn to shut off the water flow to the house. Turn the valve to a horizontal position to shut off water flow. For an older home, you may see a circular valve, which you turn clockwise to shut off the water.

If the shut-off valve is on the city side, it won’t have a handle and require a water key to turn it. If the water key isn’t hanging next to the valve, you can purchase one at a hardware store.

New Shut-Off Valve Installation and Emergency Shut-Off Valves

You have options to make turning off the water in an emergency easier. One is to contact our plumbers and arrange to have the shut-off lever installed inside the house so you can get to it quicker. The other option is to have an emergency automatic shut-off valve installed. This valve is a great way to protect your house from flooding damage when you are away from home. The valve detects a sudden drop in pressure in the plumbing system, indicating a massive leak, and then immediately shuts off water flow. Some automatic shut-off valves have water sensors placed on the floors around the house to determine when flooding is occurring. We recommend automatic shut-off valves for the best peace of mind.

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