Keep Drain Issues Off the Naughty List: 10 Tips To Prepare Your Drains for the Holidays

Keep Drain Issues Off the Naughty List: 10 Tips To Prepare Your Drains for the Holidays

The holiday season can be draining. Don’t let issues with your plumbing add to your holiday stress. Check out these tips on making sure your drains are holiday-ready.

  1. Grind as you go. Don’t wait until you’ve stuffed your drains like a stuffed holiday turkey. Run your garbage disposal while you’re prepping or cleaning up.
  2. Shotgun showers. While guests may race to be the first for a hot shower, ask the next person to wait 15 minutes to allow drains to have time to clear.
  3. Save the sink. Hold back your overly ambitious kitchen help. Let grease on pans solidify and then scrape it off into a container or trash before cleaning. That will limit the amount of grease running into your kitchen drain.
  4. Set a trap. Use a sink trap to put a physical barrier between your guests and what they can put down your drain. Removable sink traps automatically catch the food on the naughty list rinsed into the sink.
  5. Avoid a hairy situation. Ensure your showers have drain screens or hair-trapping tools that can limit the amount of hair headed down your shower drain.
  6. Do a dry run. Avoiding a holiday drain issue starts with ensuring your plumbing system is up to the task. Existing small leaks and slow drain issues can become big ones when the holiday drains are tasked with big jobs. Do a pre-holiday plumbing check to ensure your system is ready for the workload. If you notice slow drains, call an expert for a professional cleaning.
  7. Throw it away. Things such as cotton balls, sanitary products, and baby wipes shouldn’t go down the toilet. Make it simple for guests to dispose of them by providing trash cans in all bathrooms.
  8. Check the temperature outside. Freezing temperatures and frozen pipes can really put a damper on a holiday gathering. Make sure to disconnect exterior water hoses and consider leaving your faucets dripping to keep water moving in pipes.
  9. Take the plunge. Now is a great time to upgrade that plunger. Consider having a plumber’s helper in each bathroom so guests can do a quick plunge and avoid an embarrassing conversation.
  10. On Auger on Blitzen. No, it’s not the name of Santa’s newest reindeer. An auger is an easy-to-use tool to help dislodge a clog that is close to the surface. Keep one on hand for emergencies.

Your bank account may feel drained by the end of the holidays, but your plumbing system should come through the season unphased.

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