What’s DrainVision – Video Camera Inspection?

What’s DrainVision – Video Camera Inspection?

* What is DrainVision (Video Camera Inspection)?

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How often do you really think about cleaning your drain? Most people probably don’t consider it at all. They may not even realize that to keep your drains functioning properly, they should be cleaned and maintained regularly. Many things like hair bits of food, go down drains on a regular basis that over time can cause build up and then blockages. The next thing a homeowner knows is he is trying to take a shower and is standing in a puddle of water. A few quick tips can keep your drain flowing smoothly.

When Should I Clean My Drains?

There is a lot of advice suggesting how often drains should be cleaned. Cleaning the drain is a simple task and doesn’t take much time. The most important thing is that it is done regularly and becomes part of a homeowners routine. Once a month is a good time to clean the drain because it isn’t a huge addition to everyday life, but it’s also regular enough to keep drains running well. Taking the time once a month to clean the drains could end up saving money in the long run. Drains problems left alone could become costly plumbing problems.

How Should I Clean My Drains?

There are some easy ways to keep drains clean. One is after washing dishes or food preparation, turn on the hot water and run it in the sink to clear out the drain. Every few days, pour a half cup of baking soda then a half cup of vinegar down the drain.

If the drain seems to clog easily, or often, before going to bed, start by pouring a half cup of baking soda down the drain. Immediately follow that with a half cup of salt. Then pour a half cup of vinegar in and it will foam. A minute later pour several quarts of boiling water down the drain.

There are some things that can be done to prevent blockages. Purchase a mesh screen to cover the drain to catch hair and other things that can go down the drain. If there is an item that is questionable if it can go down the drain, or needs to be thrown in the trash, throw it out. Some items that should absolutely not go down the drain are grounds from coffee, grease, gum, baby wipes, cotton, and hair.

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