Your Rising Heating Bills May Be Due to Duct Leaks!

Your Rising Heating Bills May Be Due to Duct Leaks!

When it comes to heating your home, the air ducts are the parts that transfer the air throughout your rooms. During winter, if you feel like it takes a long time for your home to warm up, there’s a chance that there is a leak somewhere in the duct system. The good thing about this issue is that repairs can be quick and simple.

However, sometimes leaks are hard to find, so calling a professional should certainly be the first thing you do if you suspect one.

The negative impact of duct leaks

When it comes to duct leaks, there are a number of problems that they present. Here are five of them.

Added electricity bills

Remember, the entire heating system in your home is based on what the thermostat tells it to do. If it registers that the heat is too low, it will turn on. If it’s too warm, it’ll turn off. When air leaks out of the duct and into the attic or roof, your home won’t be as warm as it should be, which means the thermostat will keep the heat coming. This means a cold home and an expensive monthly electricity or gas bill. The warm air you have already paid for is doing nothing by keeping your attic heated or warming up the inside of your walls.

If this is the case, you need to get a professional in to fix the problem. Your wallet will thank you for it.

Poor air quality

When there are leaks in your heating system, the air quality in your home is compromised. This means that dust and allergens can invade your space, which is far from ideal for someone with allergies.

If you have a leak, the system will suck up dust and distribute it around your home in no time at all. That’s good for no one!

Uneven heating in your home

Leaky ducts pose a problem when it comes to distributing heat evenly in your home. When there is a leak, the air will escape to the room with the least resistance, which means that some rooms will get warm while others will get cold. This means that you’ll be constantly adjusting the temperature inside your home to make sure everyone feels comfortable.

It also means the system will have to work extra hard to get the heat into the colder areas, which means an overworked system and an increased bill.

Clogged air filters

When it comes to the heating system in your home, the air filters are important components in making sure that the heat is transferred correctly. They also prevent dust and debris from getting into the ducts where they can cause damage.

If you have a leaky duct, this will mean that the filters will get dirty quickly, which means a system that is not performing at its best. This can cause a component to break and lead to an expensive repair.

System failure

As we mentioned above, if parts of your system are compromised, such as the filters, you risk certain components breaking down and either needing a repair or a replacement. This is a costly exercise that can be avoided if you move quickly to test and seal leaks in your heating system.

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